Swiss blockchain project Dfinity brings „Internet computers“ to the mainnet

Dfinity founder Dominic Williams explains to Cointelegraph how his project can usher in a paradigm shift. After several years of research and development, in which several breakthroughs in the fields of cryptography and computer science were achieved, the Swiss blockchain company Dfinity finally launched its „Internet Computer“ on December 18th. The „Internet Computer“ is said

Hvorfor decentrale protokoller er en styrke for det gode

Andreas M. Antonopoulos – Hvorfor decentrale protokoller er en styrke for det gode Den legendariske Bitcoin-evangelist, underviser og advokat Andreas M. Antonopoulos vender tilbage til sit andet optræden i Crypto Conversation. Emner Bitcoin Future for diskussion inkluderer Ledger-databrud kryptosikkerhed, de foreslåede nye FinCEN-regler, teknooptimisme, og hvorfor decentraliserede blokeringer er en kilde til håb. Andreas M.

Los inversores minoristas no se involucran en gran medida, ya que el precio de Bitcoin persigue los 40.000 dólares.

Bitcoin parece que alcanzará muchos nuevos máximos históricos en 2021, pero ¿cuándo se unirán a la fiesta los inversores minoristas? Hay muchos inversores que se sienten validados en el mercado de la criptodivisa ahora que el precio de Bitcoin ha establecido un nuevo máximo histórico de 34.778 dólares. La última vez que Bitcoin (BTC) se

Iota joins an Austrian university for a blockchain and Internet of Things research laboratory

The Iota Foundation has partnered with one of Austria’s most prestigious universities to promote research in distributed general ledger technologies. The Iota Foundation, the non-profit organization behind Iota, Iota Tangle and Miota, announced that they will be joining Austria’s newest Christian Doppler Laboratory, or CDL, as an industrial partner. This is the first of its